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We value our patients' experience at Daugherty Spine and Disc. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Chris Daugherty
Your Las Cruces Chiropractor

  • "I suffered with intractable back pain most of my life and tried about every treatment with no relief.
    As hope springs eternal, I saw Dr. Daugherty's option and decided to go and consult with him.
    To be honest, tho I chose to begin treatment I had little faith in improvement.
    I am still in disbelief that my pain is virtually gone. Mild pain at times but daily blessed relief. Thank you Daugherty team"
  • "I’ve had lower back pain on and off for over twenty years but in the past two years it had gotten so much worse. My back would go out and spasm just picking up a towel or stretching in bed! Dr. Daugherty was recommended by a co-worker and I’d heard good things about him from others, so I went hoping that I could get some answers and solutions to this ongoing pain. He is the only chiropractor (in twenty years!) who took x-rays of my back and recommended the decompression therapy. I felt relief from the first session and really appreciated Dr. Daugherty’s holistic and thorough approach. The adjustments were always excellent and gave lasting relief. I’m also really grateful to his kind and helpful staff who also played a big part in making this a great healing experience. My back feels so much better and I will definitely continue maintenance therapies for my back health. I highly recommended Dr. Daugherty and his team."
  • "I had been receiving services already then i suffered injuries in a car accident. After the treatments were done, I feel a lot better and able to do all the things I like to do with out any discomfort. The staff was very helpful and very considerate. I would recommend this place if you need any kind of chiropractor care."
  • "Dr. Daugherty completely changed my perception of chiropractic care. He is one of the good ones, and I am back to living again. Conventional medicine had me on track for back surgery soon, and thanks to Doc, I have many years before I have to think about it again!"
  • "Having worked for a chiropractor in another state for 6 plus years, I can tell you this is the man to see in Las Cruces! He and his staff know their stuff, and are very accommodating. Also, if you haven't ever tried chiropractic, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn and feel. :)"
  • "Daugherty Chiropractic has friendly and helpful staff! Everyone is very personable and willing to help. I highly recommend them, the results are real and lasting!"
  • "The Staff is Great, you feel welcomed as soon that you walk in the door. The Dr. - Patient relationship has, a you are Family feeling. Nice comfortable environment. I always look forward to my Healthy visits. It is amazing as to what a difference the care has made. They even offer some most wonderful Massages. If you are not a believer of Chiropractic care, do yourself a favor, come in and take control of your wellness."
  • "After arriving with several pains on the left side of my body, my neck, hip and shoulder - I find out is the right side of my body that needed aligned and stretched. Changes and moves I can do at home along with my regular alignments with "Doc" and the best wellness massages have changed all my joints and overall wellness. Yep, the staff is the friendliest!"
  • "Chris is amazing. I have been going to Daugherty Chiropractic for several years. I am very grateful I found them."
  • "There's a good reason why the name of Dr. Chris Daugherty's chiropractic practice includes the words "Family Wellness". Chiropractic is more than making an aching back or a crick in your neck feel better. Chiropractic is important to your overall health and well being. Dr. Daugherty goes the extra mile to help each and every patient be the healthiest they can be. Not to mention, the very friendly and professional staff are second to none. Thanks Dr. Daugherty, for getting me back on track to a better life!"
  • "I started going to Dr. Daugherty sever months ago and within a short time, I was feeling much better. a lot less pain and stiffness and was better able to move. He is the best chiropractor I have been to and I have found I don't need to tell him what is painful he just knows where I need adjustment. His staff is very accommodating to my schedule and the available message therapists are helping to keep me relaxed and pain-free. I still go monthly for a tune-up."
  • "You would be surprised how many benefits consistent chiropractic care has for your body. I have been going to Dr. Daugherty for about a year now, and I always get a good adjustment. On top of a great Dr., the staff is very friendly!"
  • "I was suffering severe hip, shoulder, and neck pain. Dr. Daugherty determined that I was misaligned and had lost some of the natural curve of my spine. This led to serious, constant muscle and joint pain and loss of movement and flexibility. I have been getting adjustments now for a couple of weeks. The pain in my hips is gone! The pain between my shoulders has lessened considerably, and movement has been restored to my neck. It is such a genuine relief! I highly recommend him and his staff! PS: the massages are a DREAM!"
  • "I have been to 5 local chiropractors and after being recommended by a co-worker I found by far the best Chiropractor in town!!! The office staff is absolutely amazing, the facility is clean, the music is refreshing, and Doc does a fantastic job. The computerized tracking of all your adjustments and progress is a welcome touch."
  • "I have been to 3 different chiropractors locally and Daugherty Chiropractic is by far the best! They really care about their patients! I recommend them 100%"
  • "Since going to Daugherty Chiropractic Clinic, my back pain has improved IMMENSELY! I've also learned so much about how the human body operates, as Dr. Daugherty says, "Treat the function, not the symptom." Now I see OTHER functions in my body operating the way they were created to. I'm not just feeling good, but WELL. Not to mention, Dayna can answer ANY office questions. Thanks, Dr. Daugherty, for helping me reach towards not just feeling better, but towards a healthier lifestyle!"
  • "Amazing! I can't believe the improvement since I've started seeing Dr. Daugherty! He and his staff are amazing, friendly, warm, and very welcoming! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
  • "Love Daugherty Chiropractic!! The office staff is awesome! So friendly and helpful!! Doc has helped me resolve the issue of my constant neck and back pain!! They are wonderful!!"
  • "Daugherty Chiropractic is GREAT!! They treat their patients with respect and dignity. I always leave, after an adjustment or massage, more relaxed than when I come in! Thanks, everyone at Daugherty Chiro!!"
  • "Dealing with sciatic and back pain issue, I finally decided to seek help. Dr. Daugherty and his staff came highly recommended and I can see why. Dr. Daugherty, Dayna, and the rest of the staff are AWESOME!! My back has never felt better and my sciatic pains have decreased significantly!!"
  • "Great Chiropractor, the staff is great they make you feel right at home. Have always left with great relief."
  • "I have been going to Daugherty Chiropractic for a little over 3 years, I go monthly and have always had a great experience the Doctor is the best Chiropractor I've been too and the staff there is exceptional also."
  • "I recommend Dr. Daugherty to all of my family and friends. The whole staff takes care of us like family!!!"